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Research projects

Effects of immune-modulating drugs on brain and behavior

Inflammation, sickness behavior and depression

Expectancy effects on pain perception and treatment response

Inflammatory mechanisms of pain sensitization

Placebo effects in the immune functions; The role of learning processes and conditioning

Neuroendocrine regulation of immune responses

Pain-related learning, memory and attentional processes

Stress and negative emotions in acute and chronic visceral pain

Animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders


DFG-Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 1280): "Extinction Learning"

DFG-Research Unit (FOR 1581): „Extinction Learning: Neural Mechanisms, Behavioural Manifestations, and Clinical Implications.“

DFG-Research Unit (FOR 1328): „Expectation and conditioning as basic mechanisms of the placebo and nocebo response – From neurobiology to clinical applications“.

DFG-Research Training Group (1045): „Modulation of Host Cell Functions to Treat Viral and Bacterial Infections“.

IFORES research grant of the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Foundation „Stiftung Universitätsmedizin Essen“
( Research Award 2013 for study on expectancy in postoperative pain (see:

German Research Foundation (DFG):
BE 5173/2-1 and EL 236/11-1 „Effects of experimental endotoxemia on the neural processing of visceral and somatosensory stimuli“

German Research Foundation (DFG)
(SCHE 341/13-1), (SCHE 341/17-1-2), (SCHE 341/19-1-2)

German Research Foundation (DFG):
EL 236/5-2 “Altered visceral and psychological stress signal processing in visceral hyperalgesia: Role of central pain processing and local inflammation in the gut.”
EL 236/8-2 “Modulation of visceral pain processing: Effects of emotional context on pain responses in healthy volunteers.”

German Research Foundation (DFG):
Inflammatory mechanisms in a two-hit mouse model of neurodevelopmental disease (EN 814/2-1)

German Acedemic Exchange Service (DAAD): The impact of pre- and postnatal environmental factors on the connectome in a mouse model of neurodevelopmental disorders (Project ID: 57274144)