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"To see cleary, sometimes a change of viewpoint is quite enough"
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

University studies may not only be challenging  -  strain and stress may cause major difficulties to handle ones life. Despite of a great effort to overcome difficulties it occures they can' t be resolved all by oneself. Don' t hesitate to reach out for councelling and support.

Contact the Psychological Councelling for Students of the faculty of medicine.

The councelling is free of charge.


Dr. Sabine Vits, M.Sc. Psychology (Diplom Psychologin)
Institutsgruppe I, building section A, 3. floor, room 47

Fon: 0201 - 723-4372

We offer open consultation every Tuesday 10-11am

Psychological Councelling for Students
Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology
University Hospital Essen
Hufelandstraße 55
45122 Essen

Links and information:

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Telefonseelsorge approachable 24h/day:
0800 - 111 0 111 oder 0800 - 111 0 222, free of charge and anonymous